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Shortage is a place where you can easily donate requested goods to the nonprofits you trust.

Our team believes that the “in-kind” donation of goods gives donors a better understanding of real needs and provides more agency and control over donations. In addition, it allows donors to build a stronger connection with the nonprofits they support.

Our platform provides you a receipt for a tax deduction and a photo/video from the nonprofit that you can share on social media.

Our Principles

The platform allows donors to track the progress of their donations and see when they are delivered to the nonprofit. This can help to increase trust and confidence in the donation process.
Direct Impact
By using the platform, donors can directly impact the nonprofit organizations and communities that they care about, and see the impact of their donations first-hand.
The platform streamlines the donation process, making it easier for nonprofit organizations to receive and manage donations, which can help them to focus on their core missions and goals.
The Shortage platform allows donors to easily browse and select items that they would like to donate, as well as choose the nonprofit organization that they would like to support.
Tax Benefits
The platform generates tax-deductible receipts for donors, which can help them to save money on their taxes.

How It Works

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Our Story

30,000 goods sent to Ukraine in 2022

For the Shortage team, the platform is a personal mission that began as, an initiative founded by Ukrainian marketing and tech professionals. The team utilized their professional skills to provide essential supplies to Ukraine after the start of the war in February 2022.

The platform was launched with a volunteer team just one month later and has since helped to organize logistics for informal networks and enable people from around the world to easily donate tangible goods to Ukraine. To date, individuals from all over the globe have sent over 30,000 needed supplies to Ukraine.

We received a ton of positive feedback from donors, which motivated the initial team to start work on a product that could be scaled beyond helping Ukrainian families.

Our Team

The Shortage team works 24/7 to make your donation experience simple and pleasant.

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